Welcome to FarmersofBurlingtonCountyNJ.com. The website of the Burlington County Board of Agriculture. The Board of Agriculture is made up of local farmers and others who support agriculture across the communities of Burlington County. We are the local source of information for all things relating to agriculture. We represent Burlington County agriculture to various organizations and State agencies. We are dedicated to help preserve, protect and sustain agriculture within Burlington County and across the Garden State. Our mission is to aid, promote, and educate about agriculture in Burlington County. Board members meet monthly to discuss issues impacting the farming community.

As stewards of the land, our local family farms take pride in producing fresh high quality farm products for your family. Burlington County Farms are among the leading producers of many agricultural commodities within the state. Among our bountiful harvest in the County you can find many products ranging from our world famous vine ripened Jersey Tomatoes, fresh picked Jersey sweet corn, blueberries, as well as hay and straw. Maybe you are interested in finding a hay ride or corn maze, we have those too. We invite you to browse our website to learn more about the many products and services available from our local family farms.

The best thing is that these locally produced products can be found right here in Burlington County. We encourage you to support our local farms and local families by buying local food.

The Board of Agriculture is about more than just growing the freshest and best crops. As members of the local community we are interested in supporting the youth of the county. We have a goal to promote education and a genuine interest in agriculture among our youth.

We are
involved and support the youth programs of 4H, FFA and Young Farmers and Ranchers. These groups provide fun, fellowship, leadership training and networking opportunities for our youth and young adults in the Farm Community. More information is available on our youth and young adult page.

The BCBA has a strong commitment to helping students achieve their goal of pursuing a career within the agricultural industry. The board has a very active Scholarship program offering financial assistance to students that intend to use their degrees in the Agriculture industry. Check out all the details on our Women's Committee page.

‚ÄčOur group also functions as a bridge between Farmers and Rutgers Cooperative extension, The New Jersey Farm Bureau and other policy makers in the Federal, State and local Government. We keep our membership informed of policy Changes that might affect them. We communicate with politicians and policy makers so that those that are making the laws understand their impacts and implications.

Overall our desire is to have a healthy, vibrant and successful farming community. Both now and into future generations.

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