Toyland Farms
Owners: Paul and Barbara Shinn

610 Juliustown-Georgetown Road Jobstown NJ 08041

Phone: 609 410-2667


Specializing in hay, straw, feed corn for animals, soybeans, wheat and rye 

Lounsberry Farms

1954 Jacksonville-Jobstown Rd.
Columbus NJ 08022

Farm: 609-267-6154

Office & fax: 609-499-1834

Bob 609-410-6764

Jon 609-234-5663



Family farm selling our own top-quality hay, straw and grain in N. Burlington Co, NJ.

Selling top-quality hay & straw by the bale--get one or a truckload! We grow and sell our own products at the farm.

Hours: Please call ahead for availability and pricing--609-499-1835 or 609-410-6764 (Bob) or 609-234-5663 (Jon)

If we do not know you're coming, we may not be available to load you--PLEASE CALL AHEAD! We apologize for this inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding! NO DELIVERY!

Located in Northern Burlington County, NJ, with convenient access from Route 130, Route 295, Route 206, and the NJ/PA Turnpike.  

Field Crops - Hay & Straw